Thank you for considering us for your vacation planning needs. The trust that you place in us in allowing us to plan something as important as your vacation is a great honor that we take very seriously, and we will do everything possible to make sure that your vacation is a smooth and stress free experience.

The first step in working with us is to get started by filling out your vacation preferences in an easy to use form. This makes sure we don’t miss any important details about yor trip, and allows us to dig a little deeper when we do connect to make sure we are getting all of the information about your family and your vacation needs.

Once you complete the appropriate intake form below, the agent in our team who is the most experienced in the type of vacation that you are looking for will reach out to you by the method of contact you have indicated to follow up and give you the next steps in the proposal process.

If you have any general questions before filling out the intake forms, you can email us at

How We Help Save you Time and Stress

We save you hours of time researching on the internet

We have in depth knowledge and we take hundreds and hundreds of hours of continuing education each year to stay up to date. Our expertise means that we can get you great options that meet your needs without you spending countless hours researching on the internet

We double check all of the pieces of your vacation!

We confirm all of the pieces of your trip, doing everything possible to ensure a smooth and seamless travel experience.

We give you a convenient itinerary that you can access on your phone!

You will have all of the details of your trip in a convenient app on your phone to access while you are traveling.

We save you time holding on the phone for questions or changes

We are your one point of contact for your trip, potentially saving you hours and hours of time and stress holding to make any needed changes or to get answers to your questions.

We make sure you have ALL of the information that you need about your trip!

We will send you a series of emails customized for your type of trip, so you will have all of the information that you need in convenieint, easily digestible pieces, right when you need them.

We can potentially save you from making costly mistakes

We do everything possible to help you avoid common vacation planning mistakes that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars or the enjoyment of your vacation!

Our Planning Process, In Depth

  1. Our process starts with getting some information about your trip.  You can find links to our intake forms above.  We customize your trip to meet your family’s needs, taking into account a plethora of little details that you probably haven’t even thought of yet. 

    The information that we collect has been fine tuned by planning countless trips.  It is important to us to make sure that we don’t miss any important pieces.  Filling out all of this information in advance in our easy to use form makes sure that we don’t miss anything and lets us dig a little deeper so that we can craft the perfect trip for YOU. 

  2. Once we receive your intake form, we will reach out to you via the method of contact that you have indicated in the form to ask any additional questions and give you the next steps in the planning process.


  3. If we all decide that it is a good fit and we move forward with planning your trip, we will get to work!  The person within our agency who specializes in your particular type of trip will take your needs and wish list, and use it to curate 2-3 vetted, hand-selected options for you that will match the type of experience that you are looking for from your vacation.


  4. Once you decide which amazing option you want to go with, we streamline the whole booking process, helping you push the easy button on getting your vacation booked and onto your calendar.  We take care of double and triple-checking everything, and we send your vacation over to you in a neat little package!  We also keep all of your confirmations on file and send them over to you right before you travel, so there is no need to worry about missing documents.

    This saves you HOURS of time lost on the internet, reading reviews, and going down the rabbit hole of bad travel information. We will send them to you in a tidy proposal that you can look over and share. This will really help bring clarity and confidence to your decision about your trip. 

  5. While you are anxiously awaiting your trip, we will be sending you bite-sized pieces with all of the information that you will need when you travel in the form of personalized emails.  These valuable emails will answer all of your questions, so by the time you travel, you will be an expert!  We highly suggest that you create a separate folder in your email box/computer for these emails so you can reference them later!


  6. Before your departure, you will get a link to schedule a time for a phone/video call to go over your itinerary in depth and answer any last questions that you have.  We want to make sure that you have all of the information that you need, and that you know who to reach out to in case of snags.  We also reconfirm all of your reservations and make sure that everything is in place for an epic vacation.  We do everything in our power to assure that your trip runs smoothly and is stress-free!

    You will also have your trip plans and confirmations in a handy app that you will be able to access while you are traveling!

  7. When it is time for your trip, we will be available to you for any questions that come up.  We have seen way too many times instances where travelers were unable to reach their travel agent when there were problems.  Our level of personalized service includes the ability to call/text us during your travels (and we will actually answer!), something that an internet booking website just won’t do for you.  While weI can’t guarantee that we have a solution for every problem, we will use all of our collective knowledge and resources to try to help you get unstuck.

  8. Once you travel, there is one more thing to take care of.  Feedback about your trip is vitally important to me.  I prefer to have a short phone conversation after you travel, but I will also send out a link to a brief survey that can be completed in a few minutes on your phone or computer. 

    Your feedback helps us to more deeply understand your travel preferences so that we can fine-tune our recommendations for you on your next trip. Feedback also helps me make better recommendations for future clients!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get me the cheapest deal? Why should I book with you and not just book online or through Costco?

We don’t always have the cheapest prices out there, and that is something that we are ok with.  Our focus is on offering you a high level of service and on taking care of all of the parts of your vacation, from planning to booking, being there for you when you need help, all the way through to following up at the end.  

We are all about making this process easy for you.  We save you hours and hours of time researching (and second-guessing).  We save you time by making sure you get exactly the vacation experience that you are looking for.  We use our years and years of collective experience in the world of travel to help you avoid costly mistakes.

There are websites and travel providers that do sometimes offer cheaper pricing, but this comes at a cost.  They rely on VOLUME to balance out the low prices that they are offering.  When you book through them, you are not booking with a travel agent…you are essentially booking with a call center.  They aren’t going to take the extra time that we do obsessing over your trip to make sure all of the details are perfect, you likely won’t be able to easily reach them if there are problems, and they don’t really care if you refer your friends and family to them afterwards.

When you book through us, you get personalized, dedicated service, and we care deeply about every aspect of your trip and making sure that it goes smoothly.

Essentially, we can’t match their prices because they can’t even come close to matching my level of service.  It is all about the type of experience that you are looking to have (and we assume that you are looking for the “easy” experience that gives you the best chance of getting exactly the vacation that you want, or you wouldn’t have reached out to us the first place).

How do travel agents get paid?
Travel agents make most of their income off of commissions from the vendors (the cruise lines, resorts and tour operators) that they book you with.
This does not add any cost to your trip.  The vendor has already built our commissions into the price that they charge, so you are paying for our services whether you use them or not.
What this means is that we only get  paid if we match you up with the right trip and you book it with us.  
If we take the time to research and send you over options, we expect that you will book the trip through us.  
If you find cheaper pricing, please let us know, because sometimes we can match it.  If you need different options or what we sent was not what you were looking for, just let us know!  We can always tweak it to match exactly what you are looking for.
How far ahead of time should I plan and book my trip?

To get the best pricing and choice of accommodations, I recommend starting to plan your trip a year ahead of time, if possible.  Booking earlier rather than later is essential if you are looking for specialized accommodations (for example, accommodations to fit a large family) or if you are booking travel for peak travel season in your destination. 

If you are traveling out of peak travel season, or to a destination that is less popular, your timeframe for booking your trip becomes a little more flexible.  In this situation, 3-6 months is fine for booking.

Do You Charge Any Fees?

We put the utmost care and attention into listening to your needs and providing a proposal for your trip with well researched options that we are confident will meet your needs and goals for your trip. We do charge a $50 research fee putting together a comprehensive proposal for your trip, as well as a reasonable number of revisions to make sure that it is the perfect trip for you.

The remainder of our work servicing your trip, double checking your reservations, being on hand for any questions or issues during travel and facilitating all interactions with vendors after you book your trip is paid to us as a commission from the vendor that you are booked with.

There are a few select types of trips that we do need to charge an additional fee for.  We will let you know if your trip has the potential to fall into any of the categories where an additional fee would be necessary.  Here is a list of our additional fees:


  • Custom trips (where we are creating a detailed itinerary from scratch, or you are connecting multiple destinations) take more time researching, assembling and booking than a more straightforward booking.  Because of their nature, custom trips can often take 10-15 hours of time in research, bookings and follow up. This would take the place of the $50 research fee listed above.

    Custom Travel Research Fee: $199/week (+ $99 for each additional week of the trip)

  • We charge a research fee for researching and booking VRBO’s and other vacation rentals.  This is because these providers are mostly individuals and smaller companies, and they are not vetted providers (meaning we have no experience with them and what kind of service they will provide you).  They require more checking on our part to make sure that they are going to give you a great experience.

    Apartment Rentals/VRBO:  $50 /booking

  • If we are booking flights separately outside of a package, we reserve the right to charge a $50/person ticketing fee.  Flights are something that have the potential to take a lot of time if there are changes that need to be made, and they are not something that brings in any revenue to our business.  Thank you for your understanding about this.

    Airline Ticketing Fee: $50/person for booking airfare outside of a package

What hours do you work?

Being a travel agent is a multi layered profession.  We have different hours for different pieces of our job and for different tasks.

General Trip Work:  Once we have started working together, we generally available to respond to questions about your trip Monday-Friday from about 10 am until 5pm.  This does not mean that we won’t occasionally answer work emails in the evening or on weekends, but we do ttry hard to reserve evenings and weekends for our families.

While You Are Traveling: When you are traveling, any issue that you have gets our full attention.  We will make sure that you know who to contact in case of problems, but if you have an issue that you are not able to resolve any other way other way, you can always call or text your agent. 

For non urgent questions or problems while traveling, please send a text (but if you are in full-on panic mode because it is an emergency, by all means call your agent and we will do everything possible to help).

Do you plan custom, independent trips?

We put together custom itineraries for many destinations.  Our collective experiences in visiting well over 40 countries all over the world, and planning many trips for clients gives us a vast pool of knowledge to plan your custom trip.

Sometimes trips just don’t fit in a neat little box that has already been made.  Maybe you are on a SUPER budget, or you just aren’t an organized tour sort of person.  We get that, and we can work with that.

We plan custom trips with the same attention to detail that I use to plan trips for our own family.  We have done a considerable amount of independent travel ourselves, so we have a lot of experience in finding the right pieces and getting them all to fit together in a seamless way.

At the beginning, we will sit down and talk in detail about the type of trip you are looking for and the experiences that you are looking to have.  Please fill out the appropriate intake form to get started!

We do charge a small planning fee for most custom trips.  The amount of time that these take to pull together just doesn’t match up with the profit margin involved in these trips (they can take as many as 10-20 hours or research to put together!)  We charge a fee of $199 for the first week of your trip, and $99 for each week after that. 

Can you just book my flights?

We get this question a lot, because we realize that airfare is a confusing mess with a lot of potential pitfalls.  Unfortunately, we cannot book your flights if you are not making the rest of your travel arrangements through us.

We are usually happy to give you advice, and point you in the right direction, though, so please do reach out to me and we will see if we can get you heading in the right direction.