Is The Most Affordable Sandals Resort For You?  Here’s What a Stay at Sandals Ochi Is Really Like…

Sandals Ochi Over the Water Wedding Chapel

If you have been digging into pricing for Sandals resorts at all, you may have realized that Sandals Ochi is generally the most affordable Sandals resort.  This might make you pause for a moment in considering whether you should book a vacation at the cheapest Sandals resort, and it should.  Most of the time, you get what you pay for in the resort world.  Is this true for Sandals Ochi?  

You are probably asking yourself now, “Is Sandals Ochi the right fit for us?”  I am sure you are wondering if booking a stay at Sandals cheapest resort will mean a terrible vacation filled with mediocre food and subpar accommodations. Here is our ALWAYS honest opinion about this resort, the types of experiences you will have here, and who this resort is the perfect fit for.

The Experience at Sandals Cheapest Resort

For us, a vacation is all about the experiences that we get to have the the memories that we get to make with the ones we love.  Just because Sandals Ochi is the most affordable Sandals resort doesn’t mean that you will be lacking amazing experiences and memories here.  We wanted to paint a picture for you of some of the experiences that you can have at Sandals Ochi Beach Resort.

Phenomenal Food and Dining Choices: Normally, resorts at the bottom of the budget totem pole are expected to have bland, repetitive, subpar food choices (unless you dine at a specialty restaurant with a reservation or an upcharge).  We were pleasantly impressed with the food at Ochi and can confidently tell you that will not be your experience here.

The resort has 16 restaurants onsite (all are included with your stay…there are no upcharges or “nickel and dining” here.)  We experienced great Tepanyaki, phenomenal jerk chicken, pork, and sausage from the jerk shack by the pool, excellent stone-baked pizzas, romantic seafood in the sand, authentic sushi (and we barely scratched the surface!)  Sitting here writing this is literally making me salivate over the fritters and jerk meat from the jerk shack!

The food was flavorful and exciting, and definitely on par with the high standards that Sandals maintains throughout its resorts.  

Exciting Nightlife:  You spent a great day relaxing by the pool, enjoying some fruity drinks, and decompressing.  You watched a spectacular sunset while having a cocktail, enjoyed a romantic dinner for two over the water and now you are ready to have some fun!  

Sandals Ochi is known for having exhilarating nightlife.  During our short visit, we visited the Speakeasy almost every night (it was really fun…the password changed every day).  The singers and talent that they had performing here was really top-notch.  We also enjoyed a beach party with fire dancers and a silent disco and a great piano bar.  They have themed nights and parties almost every night of the week, so there is always something going on here.   

A Wide Variety of Spots to Enjoy the Beach and the Pool:  This is a large resort, and there is no shortage of spots to enjoy the water.  No matter what kind of atmosphere you are looking for, you can find the right spot here. 

The resort is split into two sections (you can read my full review here for more details about the logistics of this), and the main pool with the swim-up bar is located on the hillside portion (the part of the resort that is not near the beach).   The beach club is located in the other section of the resort.  This area also tends to be more lively.  If you are looking for a quiet retreat, there are a handful of hidden pools for folks looking for a quiet spot still near the action (including a quieter area right near the main pool).

A Gorgeous Over-Water Wedding Chapel:  The experience of having a wedding at the over-the-water chapel at Sandals Ochi is one that I am sure every couple would cherish forever.  This beautiful space is situated over the bright blue water with beautiful views of the beach club, and the views of the sunset here are really memorable.  Imagine having your wedding here and then being able to head out with your guests to enjoy all of the nightlife that the resort has to offer (this would save you a TON of money on a reception!)

Butler Service:  This is a great resort to choose if you want to dabble in Sandals butler-serviced rooms at a better price point than the higher-priced Sandals resorts.  Butler service at Sandals really offers an unmatched vacation experience.  Every client that we have booked who had butler service says that it was 100% worth it (and the ones who did not have it booked suites with butler service for next time!)

A butler suite at Sandals Ochi will be among the lowest-priced butler suites at a Sandals Resort, and we guarantee that you will come back again and again for the amazing service that your butler will pamper you with!

Spectacular Sunsets:  The sunsets from Sandals Ochi were really pretty, and there was no shortage of great spots to enjoy them from.  Our favorite spot was with a drink in hand at the over-the-water bar, but you will just have to come and find your own favorite sunset-peeping place!

What’s The Catch in Staying at the Cheapest Sandals Resort?  

This probably sounds pretty good (and it really is)…and you have to be thinking, “What’s the catch?”  Why is this Sandals cheapest resort?  It sounds great!

There are a few reasons why I think that price-wise, this is the cheapest Sandals resort.  One of them is just because the rooms can be a little bit dated for some.  The dark woods are not fresh looking and contemporary now, and these rooms are due for (and will soon be getting a refurbishment). This wasn’t a big deal for us, but we know that some folks are looking for more modern rooms.

This is the look of the standard rooms at Sandals Ochi...we didn't think they were bad!

The resort facilities are in good condition and well maintained, but they lack the level of polish and the feeling of luxury that some of the other resorts have more of.  

The last reason that we think this resort is priced lower than the others is because of its sprawling layout.  This is a HUGE resort.  We think that this is a benefit, because there are lots of books and crannies to explore, but the two halves of the resort are connected by a bus, and this turns some people off (don’t worry, the bus was really convenient and super easy).

If none of these things sounds like a big deal to you, read on to see who we think is a PERFECT fit for this resort.

We are Sandals Resort EXPERTS!

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Who the Most Affordable Sandals Resort is PERFECT For

You got here because you might have been searching for, “Which Sandals resort is the cheapest” on the internet, and you are now wondering if this is the right resort for you.  Here is what we think:

  • Sandals Ochi is a great next step for folks who have been staying at resorts in the “budget” space (Riu, Barcello, etc) but who are looking for a step up as far as food and activities.  The food is a delight and the list of activities that are included at Sandals Ochi is impressive (a whole host of water sports including daily scuba and snorkeling, as well as golf!)  
  • A friend’s or girlfriend’s getaway (especially if guests are on different budgets): Planning a trip for folks on different budgets can be awkward. You don’t want to make the person at the bottom feel like they are dragging everyone else down.

    The great thing about Sandals Ochi (being the most affordable Sandals resort) is that there are options here for every budget level! If someone is on a budget, they can choose a lower-priced room, and if you have folks who want to splurge, there are a plethora of fancier rooms and suites available. You can even get a block of Butler Suites in the same building that all share the same private pool for fun together!
  • This is a great resort for couples who like a large resort with a lot of variety, and for those who are looking for great nightlife, as this Sandals is is particularly well known for this.
  • This is a great resort for active couples who like getting outside of the resort and having some adventures, and then coming back to your cozy nest in the evening.  Ocho Rios has a huge variety of tours and things to see in the area.

Who the Cheapest Sandals Resort MIGHT not be For

If you are looking for a truly luxury resort, this is probably not the experience that you are looking for (but you MIGHT chat with us to see if Sandals Royal Plantation next door or Sandals Dunn’s River down the block might be a great fit!)  

The food and service at Sandals Ochi are spectacular, but the resort itself is more in the range of “Holiday Inn” than “Four Seasons.  That being said, if THAT is what you are looking for, you get what you pay for and you will not find that level of quality in the same budget as this anyway.

Sandals Ochi might be the most affordable Sandals resort, but we are convinced that at this price point, you will have a hard time finding any other options that match the level of quality, activities, nightlife, and service that you will get from booking your vacation here!

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